Thursday, June 14, 2012

Looking forward

I've worked in one of the loveliest spots in the western US for almost 20 years. I actually enjoy much of what I do, but the last three years have taken a physical toll on me.  I began writing this blog,  doped up on pain meds, during a case of shingles at the tender age of 55. A year later, almost to the date, I was very ill again for weeks with some other virus. This year, same time of year, the diagnosis was rheumatoid arthritis. By my reckoning, the great Someone is sending me messages, louder each year, that I need to do something different. Unlike the joke about the flood, I'm taking the third message and retiring.  I don't want to be found dead at my desk next February.  The decision was not easy at one level, but I believe it's right.

As I work to wrap up projects and say thanks to the wonderful people in my extended team and network, folks ask me what I plan to do. All the legal, moral and ethical things I can!!  I've been a world traveler, so not planning more of that. Not much interested in a lot of 'joining.'  I belong to one service organization and will be active with it, at least at first.

My first adventure goal is to become a better wife. Work consumed most of my energy for the last few years. I want to clean and organize our home, make dinners for my husband and walk the dog so he doesn't need to when he gets home.  I may even iron some of his shirts.  Losing some 'desk weight' and getting more exercise are also part of that goal. What joys!

Once I'm better at those wifely things, my sister and I need to clean the remnants of my parent's home out of the storage lockers. It's been several years since they passed on, so the raw edges are smoothed. We hope it will be less emotional to sort the 'keepers' from the 'tossers.'

After that, gardening and learning to can my produce. Simple but wonderful.

These goals may sound mundane, but when duty makes them difficult to attain, they become the stuff of dreams. In just a few weeks, those dreams will start coming true!