Saturday, September 11, 2010

Guided Reflection on Your World

Everyone lives in their own world. It is part of being human. Some of us have very small 'personal worlds', not much larger than our home. Others globe-trot and manage large businesses or other interests. These people have 'personal worlds' that are vast and expansive. Take a moment to reflect on what constitutes your 'personal world'.

To borrow from the title of past sci-fi tales, personal worlds constantly collide. That's what makes the future so interesting. It is why predicting the ups and downs of the stock market tends to be more art than science. It is why we must also be prepared -- mentally, physically and spiritually -- to direct our lives as we wish, but remain adaptive to the external influences that collide with our personal worlds. Take a moment to reflect on how this dynamic has played out in your life. What if you had not been accepted to Medical School/college/whatever? What if you had not been pulled from the icy waters during that ice skating accident? What if you had been working in New York nine years ago....

Today is the ninth anniversary of a well-planned coordinated attack on this country. The 'personal worlds' of 19 people collided with ours. Yes, it changed all our worlds and lives, but especially those who lost friends and family, fathers, children, mothers, brothers and sisters. I ask you to pray for those who suffered these unimaginable losses in an instant. If you lost no one on that day, take a moment to reflect on the wonderful moments you have spent with your loved ones over the last 9 years, and imagine how your life might be if all those moments had been denied to you.

Echoes of the other types of damage are all around us today. I ask you to reflect on these things:

How has your personal world changed?

Do you feel less safe?

Have you recovered spiritually? Economically?

Have you resolved to become stronger and strengthen your part of the world?

Are you prepared to flourish regardless the external influences on your life?

These are appropriate reflections for this day and to set the stage for the remainder of National Preparedness month.

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