Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Blog Bug Strikes Again!

'Being Awake' is about the here and now, my observations on life in the desert southwest. For some time I've been feeling a need to write a really basic blog about family preparedness ( see my postings from August and September about National Preparedness Month). I am especially interested in passing tips along to young, growing families who may need the basics and some tips on how to start their preparedness on a shoestring.

Why this calling? In the last several years we have seen some serious disasters and semi-disasters in the US and some of our neighboring or allied countries. From major disasters like Katrina and the Haiti earthquake to the short-term-but-still-deadly blizzards this winter, it seems like the common refrain following these disaster is that aid in any form was slow to arrive. To that end, the self-help of family preparedness can be the difference between an inconvenience and a personel disaster. It may not maintain 'wholeness' but it can save your life or your health.

Soooo, my sister blog is called FrugalPrep. If you are interested in looking, you can find it by going to ABOUT ME, or through this link:


Feedback, either here or on the new blog, will be much appreciated!!

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