Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Monsoon Walk

Though off to a feeble start locally, the monsoon has begun!  Lots of things to do once the rain starts, like clean out the rain barrel (don't want to empty what's left of that precious spring rain until we're sure), plant more seeds for cooler crops (beeets, rutabagas, parsnips for starters), and take the camera on morning walks.  I'll probably continue this post for a few days, adding new pictures after each walk.  Why? Because new and different beauty and wonder erupt each day for about the first 2 weeks after the monsoon starts.  The landscape transforms radically and it ALWAYS amazes me.

These little guys come out. Any one know what they are? They have really fuzzy antennae that move really fast, so hard to tell whether they have six or eight legs. Obviously Mom Nature is giving us a warning to give them clear path.  They can be up to about half an inch long and wide and only are out while it is very moist from the rain. The tip of the hiking stick is about 1.5 inches in diameter.

Flowers pop up everywhere, some for only a fast bloom and seed cycle.

This delicate little gal has someone's size 10 for scale:

The hardy mesquites, which bloom inconspicuous but heaven-scented earlier in the year, are now loaded with ripening beans.  These are a life-saver to javelina (wild boar relative), rabbits and could be for people if we'd gather and grind more. The flour is nutritious with high complex carbs and proteins -- and adds a carmelly-flavor when mixed with regular or WW flour.

It takes a few rains for the poor cholla to perk up, drop last year's fruit and bloom.

If you look between the cholla branch shadows just below the enter of the photo, you'll see this guy posing for the snapshot:

He/she and about 200 of his/her best friends were partying in the cool, moist desert during our short walk. Wippee! Monsoon is here!

I hope to add two of my monsoon favorites soon: Blooming Sacred Datura and a tarantula!


  1. very nice pictures! I love the smell of rain in the desert. the rat

    1. RAT!! Thanks for stopping by.

      On the rare occasion that the monsoon rain sweeps back around and hits from the north, we smell the crisp scent of the greasewood (creosote bush) -- It is just delicious. I made creosote tea ONCE. Unfortunately, it doesn't taste at all like it smells!