Sunday, November 4, 2012

Be the ONE

The national election is Tuesday.  If you haven't already voted, please plan your day to ensure that your vote is cast and counted.

If you have an absentee ballot and have not mailed it, you should seriously consider dropping it at a polling place.  In my state, it must be at the County Registrar's office or an official polling place to be counted on Tuesday, NOT postmarked by that date. That means mailed ballots must be received by my County no later than Monday's mail.  Not sure about your state? Call on Monday to find out.

Do you think your ONE vote won't matter? What if a million people nation-wide have the same sentiment? Or 2 million? Presidents have been elected with smaller margins! Don't give in to feeling powerless. Do not give your power away and let others decided for you. Individuals matter. That concept is a founding principle of our Nation. Do not prove our Founding Fathers wrong. Be the ONE.

Consider copying this post and sending it in an e-mail to 10 or 20 people.  If they each forward it to just 5 or 10 people, that's as many as 200 people encouraged to vote. If they each forward it to a few people, we can be in the thousands after that one forward.  It would not be a chain letter threatening dire consequences.  The consequences of voting or not become clear soon enough.  If you don't vote and don't like the outcome, don't complain.  Instead, BE the wonderful, powerful ONE.  Vote on 6 November.

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