Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Tablet Shmablet

We decided that rather than take my laptop when we travel, we should have a tablet.  I found a good price on a well-rated 10 inch tablet. We have access to wi-fi in the places we're most likely to use it, so no full-time Internet cell service subscription was needed.  That made a big difference in cost.

Well, the darn thing makes me crazy. If you don't have tiny pointed fingertips, you either don't trigger what you're trying to see or you accidentally select the thing next to it that you don't care about -- or at least that's what's happening to me. I check my web e-mail and keep ending up in the DRAFTS folder.  I may try the stylus route (not required for this model) but then it's one more complication -- the opposite direction of where we're heading.

My poor, Dear Husband (who is much techier than I am!) has rescued me more than a few times. Actually, he rescued the tablet from becoming an expensive Frisbee.  He's pretty good with it -- magic touch. He can make that sow's ear into a silk purse every time.  I hope to develop the magic touch soon, too. Otherwise this thing may become a paperweight, or more likely, the sole domain of DH!


  1. We did the same thing - got a tablet for travel. After using it a few weeks, I went for the stylus - it made all the difference - so much easier. I find myself often just using the tablet and only booting up the laptop when I need to do something bigger. We got the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 and I got a "For Dummies" book about it which I know will really help if I would just sit down and read it! Am going to also get a keyboard/folio so typing will be easier. Stay with it - you will find you love it!

    1. Same tablet. I will get a stylus and give it a try. May even use a pencil eraser in the interim... So there's a FOR DUMMIES for that? Next on my list! -- Thanks very much for sharing your experience -- it's encouraging to know that adapting is possible!