Monday, July 1, 2013

New Blog. Especially good for those caring for elderly parents

If you are a caretaker for an elderly parent, or recovering from those duties, please check out this blog:

It is interesting and well written. His previous blog, written while he was caring for his father was:

The amazing part is that he has managed to keep a sense of humor. 

That speaks volumes about the man.


  1. Thanks for the links - will be sure check them out. It is something that most of us go through whether with our own parents or those of a spouse, friend or other family member.

  2. Monsoon, you are so sweet. Can I use this post as a reference when I start looking for a job in another week or so? I am currently plowing through a rewatching of Foyle's War which is a great BBC show of a cop in Hastings during WWII. It's so interesting to see what the Brits went through. We think of WWII as something that started with Pearl Harbor but for many in Europe, the war started many years before. Watching how they dealt with food and gas shortages and you can't help but wonder if we went through something similar, could we go through it as well as the Brits did?

    Thanks again for the wonderful words. You and your hubby ever get up in Fort Collins, make sure you let me know.

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