Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Testing the limits of tyranny?

Or just being petty and vindictive?  I really found this 'closing'  ridiculous. (I obscured the name of the site for a variety of reasons)


The last blurry line contains threatening language about prosecution if you pass the barrier.
Speaking of the barrier, here's a close up:

This Bureau of Land Management property is in the middle of nowhere. They sell nothing. All you can do is walk around a bunch of old, decaying buildings and take photos. Oh, there is a donation box, so you could donate money to the 'upkeep' of the road and old buildings, but that's about it.
I was really shocked when I saw the extent of the 'inflict pain' philosophy.
The nearest working gas pump is more than 50 miles away. Someone had to drive 73 miles from the nearest BLM office to put up these signs and cones. At least half the drive is on slow country roads, so it took about 2 hours each way, plus the time to put everything up on the two entries -- the other one is a mirror image coming from the other direction, i.e. the other end of this half-mile long road.  The main road that passes the entry gets about 15 cars a day.  Maybe one of those cars stops here.

Heaven forbid that you walk around the remnants of a ghost town unchaperoned. Except that most of the rest of the year, every year, you are unchaperoned.  Sometimes in the summer there's a volunteer living in an RV, but they usually stay in the RV because it gets very hot outside.

Makes me scratch my pointed little head.

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