Friday, November 1, 2013

Evil Weasels

Please read this and tell everyone you know who is approaching or over 50 years old about it.

I started getting the 'free 90 day AARP memberships' in the mail before I turned 50. I'm pushing 60 and still get them about 3 or 4 times a year. Like most people who receive these, I toss it right in the trash can. I now realize what a HUGE mistake that has been. With my 'free' membership, AARP has been counting ME as one of the 20+ million that they represent. I don't want AARP to represent me because they believe in what profits AARP, which is probably nothing I embrace.  AARP was a big supporter of the current healthcare 'transition' because it will make them big money, not because it will help people over 50 years old.  WE will likely transition to being disposable humans.

So what I ask you to do and/or share with friends and family who receive these free memberships is to:
1. Open and remove the membership card.
2. Write CANCEL IMMEDIATELY in large black letters on both sides of the card.
3. on the page to send dues, write: "I prohibit AARP from representing me (and my spouse if that's on the address line) now or in the future unless I expressly send a change to this instruction. I revoke any expressed or implied past permission to represent me ( and my spouse). Remove my name from membership roles immediately. Do not contact me in any way henceforth, including mail or telephone."

4. Put both items in a new envelope addressed to Cindy Lewin, Chief Counsel, AARP, 605 E Street NW ,   Washington, DC 20049 

5. Put a stamp on it and send it. Keep a memo of the date sent.  

Think about what you wish to do with the included post-paid envelope.

Can't wait for my next 'free' membership so I can stop being an accidental AARP member and stop being one of the 20+ million, many of whom really are not members and oppose what AARP is doing.

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