Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Lost my mind....

Some of you may remember the posts on our enormous golden retriever, Yotie, Queen of the Thunder Chickens.  Well, in a moment of temporary insanity, I adopted another dog.  She is a puppy mill rescue, now about 11 months old. She's been with us about 5 weeks. 

Bitsy this morning

She is apparently a Yorkie, or at least Yorkie enough.  She weighs just under 8 pounds. Previously, the smallest dog I owned was about 30 pounds.  That leads to her name, which is now BITSY. Corny as is it, it's just her personality and demeanor are of an itsy bitsy dog. 

She's sweet, but does have a bit of a temper. She has learned to manage Yotie, but Yotie doesn't seem to mind. Bitsy always leaves a little food in her bowl, which Yotie gladly cleans.
Bitsy: day after adoption

Our greatest achievement to date is that she is almost housebroken. Second achievement is that despite being 'free' initially, she's probably the most expensive dog I've had. Puppy package at the vet, collar, halter, kennel cough meds, small travel kennel, grooming, on and on...

Would love any advice from others who have made the transition from large dogs to small. 

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  1. They're never "free." Our latest "free" cat cost us about $700, all told. If you love 'em, money is beside the point.

    Bitsy's a cute little thing!