Friday, May 3, 2013

Sprung again

Despite calling it a cutting garden, I rarely cut these flowers to bring in. In addition to tickling our allergies, they are just nice to see on their plants.

 The peonies are one exception, mostly because they are so fragrant and only bloom for about a week.

These heirloom bearded iris are in almost everyone's yard in town.
If yours die, just ask a neighbor for a start.

Roses are not well suited for the desert, but these have hung on despite the neglect and diseases that haunt them here. The pyracantha behind them provides a nice background in spring, and the birds really like the berries.
Love this color!

These, too!
Here are the peonies, probably will bloom mid- to late May.

A bit of fragrant English Lavender starting to bloom.  Planted about 18 months ago, this is the first year of blooms. Lavenders developed in the depleted volcanic soil of the Med and thrive on neglect, but do need a little water. In my area, English lav's are hardy enough to be perennial, but the French are not.  Spanish lav's will last through mild winters, but not if the temps fall much below 30 degrees. Lavender is becoming a cash crop in the western US.

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