Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Slippery Slope Toward What?

Of late I am increasingly suspicious when there is much ado about nothing.  Seems it is often one of those tricks where we're watching the right hand while the left on picks our pocket or slips an icepick between our ribs, figuratively speaking of course.  BEWARE, the following may be controversial, but I mean to provoke your thinking, powers of observation and pattern recognition.

So what about Gay marriage? Quite frankly, I'm starting to believe the whole ruckus isn't about Gay marriage at all.  I believe it is about breaking the societal and legal paradigm of "one man and one woman" constituting a marital unit. What about one man and three women? If two men are OK as a marriage, why not polygamy? Why not one man, three women and a few boys? There you go again with bigotry and biases bubbling up in your mind! NAMBLA members would certainly be in favor of a marriage like that last one! After that, we can have some 8 year old girls married off to 60 year old men and left for dead on their wedding night, as was in the news from the mid-east recently.

How about the recent short sentences for male teachers raping young female students? Judge seemed to think she had consented.  Maybe she wasn't covered from head to foot and had enticed him...ever hear those arguments from judges in other countries?  Seems when female teachers have sex with willing teen age boys, the women get long sentences.  What's OK for men is taboo for women.  Hmmm, sounds a little like Mid-Eastern standards to me, minus the stoning, of course.

So is Gay marriage a stepping stone to other types of marriage and conjugal relationships not currently sanctioned in the US? Is the virtual news blackout on honor killings of young woman part of this transformation of our sensibilities? Are we on the slippery slope toward acceptance of Islamic views on what constitutes marriage and other societal norms? If so, then beware married Gay people. You may merely be a short-lived tool to soften up a society for a form of bigotry far beyond any you've seen in the US for decades. 

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